Want to do something Kind?  Check out these stories and resources.  Know of other resources we should include?  Please let us know!  We’d especially love to hear any stories you have come across about inspirational acts of kindness.  Please email them directly to us.

Great Lists and Stories of Kindness


orangeheart100 Ways to be Kinder


orangeheartIntentional Act of Kindness


orangeheart38 Acts of Birthday Kindness


orangeheart30 Acts of Random Kindness


orangeheartBirthday Challenge – 35 Acts of Kindness in One Day



card_web_frontSpin Kindness Cards

Click to open a file to print and customize.





pickedforkindnessNotes for Giving or Leaving a Gift

Click to open a set of 4 notes you can include with a gift you give or leave someone.





greatjobmomNotes to handout to moms


Click to open up a set of 4 different notes that can be used when showing kindness to Moms.





Right click, save and share!



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