100 Daily Acts of Kindness

There are more ways to be kind than we can count, but here are 100 we picked to get you started! Do one a day with other Kindness Ambassadors by following along on Facebook or Twitter, start at the top of the list, mix them up and do the ones that fit your day, or print the list to keep in sight as a reminder.

We’d love to hear your experiences and ideas. Please click the links to find ideas for each act and to comment on the ones you do!  Learn how you can receive a free Kindness Reminder Bracelet when you complete and comment on any three acts.


1 Write a note of encouragement to yourself
2 Ask someone “how are you?” and mean it. Listen to their answer.
3 Send a friend an old photo and recall that time
4 Give away your parking spot
5 Sincerely thank a mail or delivery person
6 Say something nice about someone to someone else
7 Make a sign to remind people to smile. Post it.
8 Write a positive review on yelp
9 Comment on someone’s holiday photo
10 Shovel snow for a neighbor.  No snow? Sweep their walkway or wash a window.
11 Bring a new recylclable shopping bag and give it away
12 Run an errand for someone
13 Make someone feel normal
14 Buy some extra groceries for the local food bank
15 Tape a nice saying or thought to a car or bus window
16 Donate books to your local library
17 Visit a senior center or nursing home
18 Give a compliment about someone to his / her manager
19 Leave a bag of recycling for someone else to cash in
20 Donate an hour of your professional services
21 Leave some extra stamps at the post office
22 Stop a complaint – before you say it. Forget about it.
23 Buy an extra bag of dog or cat food and donate it to a local animal shelter
24 Start a savings bank for a cause
25 Leave your favorite book in a public place with a note
26 Pick up some trash in the road or along a walkway
27 Instead of just thinking it, compliment someone
28 Pay the toll for the person behind you
29 Send a care package to a soldier
30 Leave a collection of positive news clippings in a waiting room
31 Make a list of 10 things you are thankful for and save it
32 Forgive your mistakes
33 Give an inspiring book to a struggling friend
34 Compliment a stranger sincerely
35 Fill an expired or about to expire parking meter
36 Let someone get ahead of you in line
37 Make a positive comment on a website or blog
38 Say “Good Morning” or”Good Afternoon” to each person you pass
39 Prepare a nutritious sack lunch for a homeless person
40 Call a family member to tell him/her you love her
41 Leave some extra money in the vending machine
42 Buy dessert for someone eating out alone
43 Send your favorite grade school teacher a card
44 Leave candy or chocolate for your co-worker while they aren’t watching
45 Write a list of things you love about someone and give it to them
46 Introduce yourself to someone you always see around, but never met
47 Buy hand-warmers or mittens and give them to someone who looks cold
48 Give something valuable or fun away on craigslist – porch pick up
49 Send your friend a small gift anonymously
50 Put up anonymous, lovely post-it notes for strangers to find
51 Give directions to someone who looks lost
52 Thank a public servant or hard worker
53 Create an inspired piece of art and gift it to someone
54 Send a thank you note to a person who has helped you in the past
55 Take some soup or hot chocolate to a homeless person
56 Create a folder of images that make you smile and share it
57 Buy and give an extra umbrella on a rainy day
58 Forgive someone who didn’t apologize
59 Visit an animal shelter, pet the animals, thank the volunteers
60 Plant a tree in memory
61 Write a letter of appreciation
62 Donate blood
63 Give someone a flower
64 Offer someone else your seat on the bus/train
65 Say “thank you” for the otherwise routine, mundane
66 Donate one of your favorite possessions
67 Give someone a fruit basket
68 Stop to have a conversation with a homeless person
69 Mentor local youth
70 Tape cash to a gas pump
71 Mail a friend some cookies
72 Tape a funny children’s joke at work or school
73 Be an extra courteous driver
74 Set up a free lemonade stand, coffee bar, or water stop
75 Send a random person in the phone book a small gift
76 Give a lottery ticket to a stranger
77 Be bold in your appreciation of life around you – inspire others to feel the same
78 Spend time with the elderly
79 Return shopping carts for others who are unpacking
80 Write a thank you note to yourself
81 Ask if you can help
82 Leave change in vending machine
83 Smile at five strangers and say “Hello”
84 Put away your cell phone all day and connect
85 Leave a note on a neighbor’s door thanking them for keeping their yard nice
86 Adopt a soldiers family for a day
87 Put fun or inspirational notes in with your bills or other mail
88 Straighten items at a store
89 Offer to write a letter of recommendation for someone
90 Leave an extra pen somewhere
91 Be completely silly until someone laughs.  Thank them for laughing.
92 Clip coupons and leave them in the store next to the products
93 Leave a gift card on someone’s windshield with a note
94 Complete a survey at the bottom of the receipt
95 Leave a note on the dishes for the dishwasher to see
96 Invite someone to coffee to “just catch up”
97 Hide surprisess for strangers in public places
98 Donate plants or seeds toa  community garden
99 Click on websites that generate donations for clicks
100 Put an affirmation note on someone’s social media page ore email it to them
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