Kindness Revolution

Something needs to change.

We’ve become impersonal: plugged in, but not connected. We navigate through swarms of status updates and a barrage of ads through social media — on our phones, our computers, at work, at home. But, what really matters? What gets through to us and what do we want to communicate to others?

Kindness speaks.

We can all do our part to share kindness: open a door for a stranger, buy a coffee for the next person in line, help change a flat tire, let a busy mom ahead of us in line, visit an elderly neighbor…and so much more. But, what if we could amplify our ability to spread kindness?  What if we had the resources to be kind and generous at every opportunity?  How would you feel?  What effects would resources have on the chains of kind acts that naturally grow as people are inspired to also be kind?

world_of_kindnessLet’s find out.

We’re here to connect you with the resources to be kind. By partnering with generous companies and selling products through Kindness Creations we can extend kindness — spin it into something bigger. Marketing and advertising are necessary for running a business. But, companies have choices in how they market. Instead of advertising, these companies can get the same brand awareness through kindness.  We call it “Kind-vertising”.

Traditionally, effective ways of reaching a market included running TV commercials, placing advertisements in magazines, sending direct mail pieces to potential customers, distributing samples at events, and a variety of other costly activities. Then came social media. Companies beg you to look at their ads and share them. Sometimes it is subtle, but the requests for our attention are overwhelming.

There are better ways for companies to connect with consumers who share their values. Spin Kindness provides a platform to bring together kind companies and individuals who want to spread kindness around their communities. By sponsoring kindness projects, these companies achieve their need to spread awareness of their brands while doing something positive. At the same time, individuals are provided the resources to create chains of kindness in their communities.

So, let’s change the way we communicate and the way companies spend their advertising budgets. Let’s make a difference.



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