Kindness on April Fools’ Day: You’ve Been Gnomed!

It’s March 31st…

Are you still looking for a good April Fools’ gag that doesn’t really hurt anyone?

Gnome someone!


You’ve Been GNOMED! Gnome Eggs filled with treats and gags!

My mom loves all things fairy, troll, gnome or forest. When I saw these eggs, I instantly thought of her.I planned to put them in her Easter basket, then realized one of her favorite “holidays” was an even better time to share them.gnomed_solo

As kids, Mom taught us the annoying April Fools’ tricks like taping plastic wrap across doorways, swapping the salt and sugar, and loosening knobs and caps. Most of those things annoyed my dad and made us giggle. Later, the challenge turned into phone calls to see if we could get Mom to believe some strange occurrence and other lie.

This year, Mom is getting something a little better: a mixture of fun surprises and silly gags. I’m going to gnome her!

I’ve filled the eggs with a variety of typical Easter egg treats like candy, coins and prizes. But, a few have less desirable contents like cut grass, whipped cream, and bird seed. I’ll hide them in her front yard, leave a sign gnome_contentsby her door, ring the bell and run (or something like that – watch for the update tomorrow).

No gnome eggs? Use regular eggs and tell someone they’ve been egged! There are lots of “Egged” ideas on Pinterest. Or, you could decorate some eggs to look like gnomes…

Interesting side note: I learned today that “gnomed” actually means “When a person of far lesser social standing, size, weight or mental capacity achieves a massive victory of wit, force or cunning against you.” (Urban Dictionary)

Any ideas for fun contents? Please share them! I still have a few hours and a couple empty eggs.


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