It’s the most wonderful (and stressful) time of the year!

Exciting weather. Fun vacations. Kids playing. Family visiting. Shopping. Wrapping. Cleaning. Cooking. Chaos…

We look forward to it all year long: the holiday season! It’s a time filled with family and friends, treats and gifts, and a lot of activity. WONDERFULUnfortunately it can also bring a lot of extra stress with post office lines, packed shopping malls, extra cooking and baking to do, extra work like planning, cleaning and wrapping gifts. Even if we keep out cheer, we are bound to run into others who have lost theirs.


Let’s use kindness to keep the spirit of the season alive! Watch for ways to help others:

  • Hold the door open for strangers wherever you go
  • Offer help to busy holiday hostesses
  • Be a courteous driver
  • Visit assisted living facilities and spend time with the elderly who do not get many visitors
  • Wrap presents for busy family members
  • Share home baked items with neighbors and strangers
  • Leave kind notes on cars
  • Be patient and thankful with store clerks
  • Buy socks and take them to a homeless shelter
  • Allow others to go in front of you in line
  • Provide warm beverages to delivery people, outdoor workers, bell ringers
  • Have gift cards on hand to give as acts of kindness
  • Organize a volunteer time for your family to do together
  • Send personal cards
  • SMILE!

Have more ideas?  Share them!



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