Boogie Love

It’s cold and flu season!  Show a little KINDNESS with Boogie Wipes!  Share a wipe, give care packages to the sick, make chicken soup, or simply smile with kindness.  Colds spread, but kindness does too!

Boogie Wipes has been sending out thousands of boxes of samples around the country for kind people to share.  What can you do make a little difference in your community this time of year? Please share your stories with us and enter to win the Ultimate Care Package for you and two people of your choice!

Here are some ideas for spinning KINDNESS during the cold season:

A  little Boogie Love at the post office.

A little Boogie Love at the post office.

1. Leave a box of tissue or some mini care packages in public places where germs are easily spread and where kindness is least expects.

2. Keep little packets of Boogie Wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer and cough drops in your purse or backpack.  When you encounter a sick stranger, pass one along.

3. Send personal notes to patients in care homes.  The elderly and chronically ill may not be getting as many visitors as usual with family and friends kept home with colds.

4. Send cold care packages to college students, military, or the elderly.  great items to include are Boogie Wipes, tissues, cough drops, hand sanitizer, herbal tea, soup, comfy socks, and notes of encouragement.

Care packages during cold season.

Care packages during cold season.

5. Take a pot of homemade soup to a local fire station, teachers’ lunchroom, or other meeting place.  Or, leave small containers of soup for postal carriers, garbage collectors, road crews, and other service providers who work outdoors.

6. Take blankets or warm socks to homeless on the streets and in shelters.

7. Be kind to yourself and stay well!


Do you have some other ideas?  We’d love to hear them!  Please tell us below!

Did you receive a Spin Kindness Card?

Boogie_KindnessCardShare your story of giving or receiving kindness in the comments.  If there is a code written on your card, be sure to include that we can track the chain of kindness together!



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