January 5 Daily Act of Kindness: Sincere Thankfulness

Day 5!

It’s the first Monday of the New Year!

Today’s Challenge: Sincerely thank a mail carrier or delivery person (or anyone who faithfully does their job).

The holidays are over and everything is (slowly) getting back to normal! Remember just two weeks ago when everything a bit more hectic? You may have left little gifts or cards for service workers, but did you thank them for their hard work?

On Christmas Eve, my family was driving to a relative’s home for an evening get-together and passed a truck pulling into a UPS store parking lot. We recognized the driver as our usual delivery person.  Here we were just minutes from a nice dinner and gifts, and he was still in uniform, making sure every package was delivered in time for Christmas.

We encounter lots of people who are dedicated to doing a good job.  But, we don’t often stop to take note of it.  As the saying goes, “Sometimes people don’t notice the things we do for them until we stop doing them.” Take the time to notice now. Sincerely thank someone – a mail carrier, delivery person, or anyone who faithfully does their job and makes your life a little better.



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