January 6 Daily Act of Kindness: Positive Gossip

Day 6!

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s Challenge: Say something nice about someone to someone else.

Let’s face it: we all talk a little too much about other people.  Unfortunately, that can lead to negative talk or hurtful gossip. According to Women’s Day, the four most popular subjects for gossip are Money and Power, Sex and Relationships, Reputation and Celebrities. Talking about other people creates connections.

The conversations usually start with questions like these:

“Did you see what Karen was wearing?”
“Did you hear what happened last night?

The problem occurs when it turns to saying negative things about others.

But, we can change that! Try starting one of those conversations and putting a positive spin on it! Share how beautiful Karen looked, or how someone did something truly generous last night.

Make a list of people you commonly talk about. Note positive traits and memories of each of them. The next time that person comes up in conversation, talk about those things. Try it right now with the next person you talk, text, message, or email. Tell that person how absolutely wonderful someone else is!



Share your experience with us in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter using #spinkindness.

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