Kind News: Good Stuff that Really Happened this Week (1/11/15)

We’ve had enough bad news.

The news loves to cover the bad stuff that inspires fear and depression like a drug addict robbing someone with a hammer, coffee lids potentially spreading bacteria, a pedestrian hurt from walking in front of a train, an inmate dying in a jail cell, and of course all kinds of terrorist concerns. These stories grab audiences and help gain advertisers.

Meanwhile, all kinds of beautiful things are happening too. Here are just some that I saw come across my feed on Facebook this week:


Construction Worker Rescues Orphaned Baby Mice
Local Shelter Cares for Them around the Clock

paws_miceFive baby mice were orphaned on a construction site in Union Mills Washington. Their mother was accidentally hurt by construction vehicles and did not survive. When the workers found her nest of babies, Gage, one of the construction workers gathered them and headed for the closest vet clinic.

Armed with formula and a syringe, Gage kept all of them alive and brought them to PAWS Animal Shelter in West Linn where the dedicated owners are accustomed to caring for orphaned animals.

Days later, the babies are thriving. The sweet videos of their progress is touching hundreds of fans following the story on Facebook.



The little family of mice will be returned to their rescuer once they are able to eat on their own.

Visit PAWS Animal Shelter on Facebook to see all the incredible videos and to learn about the other good things this shelter does.



Anonymous Tire-Giver Keeps Family Safe
Story Inspires Others

Hannah Avila, a Beaverton mom, shared this inspiring story in a Facebook group called Mamas Helping Mamas:

I just wanted to share a story I thought this group would appreciate more than anyone on my personal Facebook page.

About 3 months ago I noticed a very noticeable bulge in my front tire. And after taking the car in for a routine oil change about a month ago, the mechanic told me that it could very easily pop on me any time while driving. Well, we don’t have that kind of extra money.

I drove very carefully after that, worried that any moment my tire would burst, and just hoping it would last until tax returns came in.

The other day my husband walked out of work on his lunch break.

As he walked up to the car, he realized there were two brand new tires sitting on top of it. No note. Just a receipt for the tires with my husband’s name on it. We have no idea who did this random act of kindness for us but we are so very grateful!

We plan on paying it forward as soon as we can.

Hannah also shared, “I got goosebumps when my husband sent me the photo of the tires on our car!” It’s been one of the most “liked” stories in the group.


Here are just some of the comments:

  • Love hearing these stories and that there still are kind and giving people out there!!
  • I. LOVE. This. Thank You for Sharing.
  • that’s amazing, and they may have saved your lives
  • Amazing. I love these kind of acts of kindness. I would have bawled. Pay it forward!

I’d love to see more of these stories on the news too. And, I hope the kind person who left those tires sees this.


Timid Lost Dog was Found, Cared for, and Returned by Strangers

dogfoundCassidy, a recently adopted young dog, was startled by another dog at a park and slipped out of her collar and leash. The owners searched and posted pictures all over in hopes of finding her safely.

Thankfully, Cassidy came across a couple of dog lovers who were able to rescue her. Not only did they take the scared dog in, they treated her to steak and a bath at Gigi’s Dog Inn. The caring individuals looked up lost dos and found the post by the owner. Cassidy is now back safely at home.

Stories like these may be normal news that happens every day, but so are the stories of theft, violence and fear. Which would you rather hear?

Know a story?  Tell us about it anytime by emailing Spin Kindness.


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