Boogie Love

It’s cold and flu season!  Show a little KINDNESS with Boogie Wipes!  Share a wipe, give care packages to the sick, make chicken soup, or simply smile with kindness.  Colds spread, but kindness does too! Boogie Wipes has been sending out thousands of boxes of samples around the country for kind people to share.  What […]

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Act on it! Kindness inspired by reddit

You don’t have to look far to find people wanting to connect and create meaning in other people’s lives.  Sometimes it is a big thing, sometimes a small thing.  We are connected.  We can have an impact. We love these examples of kindness inspired by reddit.  How cool is it to give a sick child […]

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Caring Companies – TD Bank surprises customers with special gifts

We love to hear stories of companies spreading kindness.  Recently, Canada bank TD was in the news for creatively surprising special customers with thoughtful gifts.  As the customers used the ATM inside the bank, they were treated to lavish gifts and meaningful events. In addition, over 20,000 TD employees across Canada distributed green envelopes containing a […]

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Spin Kindness Dollar Challenge

Change someone’s day for just one dollar! Help us find creative ways to bring big smiles and inspire more kindness for just one dollar. Leave a dollar for a bridge toll, a vending machine, a wishing well, a dollar store or anything that requires a buck or some change. Leave a note, make someone feel special, or […]

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