100 Acts of Kindness

#33 Daily Act of Kindness: Inspired Reading

Day 33! Today’s Challenge: Give an inspiring book to a struggling friend. You know that favorite book you think of from time to time, especially when you are needing a little push? It helped you move through a difficult time, helped you change your perspective, or offered solutions. Maybe you have a friend who may need […]

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January 31 Daily Act of Kindness: Thankfulness

Day 31! Today’s Challenge: Make a list of 10 things you are thankful for and save it. One of the best ways to be kind to ourselves and others is through gratitude. When we view the world with a perspective of what we have, what is good, and what is right, we are naturally kinder, […]

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#32 Daily Act of Kindness : Forgive Yourself

Day 32! Today’s Challenge: Forgive you mistakes. Be kind to YOU today. Take a moment to listen to the thoughts that come up for you when you hear the word “mistake.” Do specific times, events or people come to mind? If you don’t have to think hard about mistakes you have made, you probably are […]

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January 30 Daily Act of Kindness: Positive Clippings

Day 30! Today’s Challenge: Leave a collection of positive news clippings in a waiting room. We hear enough negativity in the world. The local evening news can leave a person feeling anxious and fearful. It affects us and influences our actions. Let’s spin that right around! Search the web, newspapers or magazines for positive stories – […]

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January 29 Daily Act of Kindness: Care for a Soldier

Day 29! Today’s Challenge: Send a care package to a soldier They serve us all year. Let’s take a day to serve them! Although many of our service men and women have families who consistently send packages of love and necessities, others have fewer connections at home. But, every service person could use the kindness of […]

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January 28 Daily Act of Kindness: Pay a Toll

Day 28! Today’s Challenge: Pay the toll for the person behind you. Crossing a toll bridge? Choose the cash lane and pay for the car behind you. No toll bridges around you? Pay for the person behind you in the drive though (or even part of it), buy coffee for the next person in line, or […]

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January 27 Daily Act of Kindness: Compliment

Day 27! Today’s Challenge: Instead of just thinking it – compliment someone. Have you ever been impressed by someone, but kept it to yourself? Did you like someone’s attitude, the way she handled a situation, or the quality of service she provided? Did you tell her?  Instead of just thinking about what you like, tell that […]

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January 26 Daily Act of Kindness: Clean Up

Day 26! Today’s Challenge: Pick up some trash in the road or along a walkway. Make your neighborhood a little nicer for others by simply cleaning up after someone else. Share your experience with us in the comments or by using #spinkindness on Facebook or Twitter!

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January 25 Daily Act of Kindness: Leave a Book

Day 25! Today’s Challenge: Leave a copy of your favorite book in a public place. Share what you love! Be sure to attach a note to let the finder know the copy is meant for them. Encourage them to do the same. Share your experience with us in the comments or by using #spinkindness on […]

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