January 8 Act of Kindness: Be Kind to Good Businesses

Day 8!

Happy Thursday! Don’t forget to smile!

Today’s Challenge: Write a sincere, positive review on a review site

Have you ever looked up reviews before going to a local restaurant, gym, salon, childcare center, real estate agent, or other local business? We often make our choices about where we will go just based on what a couple strangers say about their experience. However, only a small fraction of customers write reviews. Often, it is only an angry customer that takes the time to post. Imagine how those hard-working business owners feel when they know they have hundreds of loyal customers, but the one cranky visitor was the only one to comment.

Take a moment to help review-seekers find a good place and to support a local business you love!


Create an account on Yelp.com, Google, or other site you use for finding reviews. Think of a couple businesses you really like and write sincere, detailed reviews. It only takes a few minutes, but could have an incredible impact on a business!



Share your experience with us in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter using #spinkindness.

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